Zofran and Pregnancy


Zofran and Pregnancy: Is it safe?

GoodHealthGuide.org – Zofran and pregnancy are always related because Zofran is made for reducing the nausea. Morning sickness during pregnancy also includes nausea in some women. For your information, you can manage the morning sickness in pregnancy by regulating your diet choice. But morning sickness, however, cannot just go away by dietary change without the other effort. If you tell your doctor about your condition, the doctor will prescribe you medications like Zofran in order to get away from dehydration.

Besides, nausea can also reduce your appetite which will make you lose weight. Weight loss during pregnancy is considered as unusual or even harmful thing. Long story short, prolonged morning sickness will cause other problems relate to you and your baby health.
But is it safe? We are going to find out through this article. So, it is better if you keep reading this article.

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Is Zofran safe?

Zofran or ondansetron was initially used to overcome nausea and anything like that due to surgery and chemotherapy. But from time to time it became the medication to treat morning sickness based on doctor prescription in the United States.
Based on various studies about this drug, there are different perspectives but all of them were imperfect. They were imperfect because the methods used for comparing the result were not sufficient or adequate.

But in overall, there was no increase risk factor of birth defects in pregnant women who took the Zofran to overcome morning sickness symptoms in early weeks of pregnancy. But, several recent studies revealed that there will make the double possibilities of heart defects and cleft palate in newborn babies if the mother took the Zofran during pregnancy.

So, we guess you better stick with what your doctor suggests. The doctor only gives the best for the patient especially when you are pregnant.

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The alternatives to treat nausea

Nausea is one of morning sickness symptoms that happen when the pregnancy is at earlier weeks. And when the mother is experiencing nausea and any following thing, she will be advised to change the dietary patterns. It is also recommended to eliminate anything that might trigger the possibility of worsening the symptoms. At least 90% of pregnant women could get rid of morning sickness symptoms just by improving their diet plan.

But if yours did not work that way, you seem to follow the other methods before end up with Zofran. The first one, you can try ginger. Ginger is good substance that can help in reducing the symptoms. You can combine it with tea, milk, or other food you eat or smell. Doxylamine and vitamin B6 will be recommended too. They are safe for pregnancy and proven in treating morning sickness.

Nevertheless, if the nausea did not decrease by those methods, you really need to talk to your doctor. Zofran is still safe to consume even you are pregnant. Still, the dosage should be determined by your doctor so the first thing you should do is discuss with the doctor. In the end, we know the relation between Zofran and pregnancy.